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A Boy's Room - Hank Williams Sr.

GEORGIA RADIO - A child's bedroom is a special place, it's where imaginations run wild, prayers go straight to heaven, and life's course is often first dreamed about. For Hank Williams Senior, his boyhood home in Georgiana, Alabama is where it all started. Just off the "Lost Highway", Georgiana was where he got his first guitar, and was taught his first chords by local street musician Rufus "Teetot" Payne.

Today, 127 Rose Street is open for visitors, and Hank's old room is setup as it would've been when he lived there. As with any child, the early years are the most formative, and for Hank, Georgiana offered his family refuge during a trying time, but most importantly it helped him discover his God given gift of music. Today, his boyhood home is setup like a museum with lots of memorabilia, and wonderful artifacts (including a guitar played by Hank and Elvis, and Pappy McCormick's Steel Guitar).

Touring the home is important, go and support it, but take time to walk around Rose Street. See the train tracks, explore around the grounds, and take in the sights. If you use your imagination, it's easy to see the world a young Hiram "Hank" Williams would've seen, because it's largely still the same today. It's easy to imagine a young boy dreaming about a larger world every time the train rolled past, and trying his best to master songs taught to him by his music mentor Teetot Payne.

One thing that is different today is Hank Williams Park directly behind his old home. The remains of Thigpen's Log Cabin (a popular watering hole Hank would later play frequently) was relocated to the park, and now serves as the back stage area for the performance pavilion. Annually, the Hank Williams Festival is held on the grounds, featuring top Nashville talent, that helps raise awareness of the impact Georgiana had on country music, and of course...celebrates Hank Williams.

The state of Alabama established the Hank Williams Trail, and it's a wonderful tour that explores each of the important sites for Hank Sr. If you're looking for a great day trip, start exploring our neighbor to the west, and enjoy the Hank Williams Trail, but especially Hank's Boy Hood home. It's well worth the visit. ~Matt Jolley

The Kitchen in Hank William's Sr. Boyhood Home - Georgiana, Alabama

Memorabilia in Hank William's Sr. Boyhood Home - Georgiana, Alabama

Memorabilia in Hank William's Sr. Boyhood Home - Georgiana, Alabama

Home Across The Street from Hank William's Sr. Boyhood Home - Georgiana, Alabama



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