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Atlanta Author Mike Cobb to Appear on Georgia Radio's: Spotlight on Local Authors

GEORGIA RADIO - Renowned Atlanta-based author Mike Cobb talks with Georgia Radio, offering listeners insights into his multifaceted literary career. Cobb, known for his captivating blend of historical fiction, crime narratives, and true crime accounts, has garnered critical acclaim for his works, which include both fiction and nonfiction pieces.

With a background rooted in scientific inquiry, Cobb infuses his writing with rigorous research, lending authenticity to his narratives. His repertoire spans from short stories to full-length novels, alongside articles and blogs of literary significance.

Among his notable publications are "Dead Beckoning" and "The Devil You Knew," two gripping tales that have captivated readers with their intricate plots and vivid characterizations. "Dead Beckoning" delves into a cold case from Atlanta's past, weaving a tale of mystery and intrigue set against the backdrop of the city's historical landscape. Meanwhile, "The Devil You Knew" transports readers to 1960s Atlanta, where the disappearance of three young girls sets off a chain of events that culminates in a gripping noir thriller.

As Cobb prepares to discuss his literary endeavors on Georgia Radio, anticipation mounts for insights into his upcoming projects. Currently, he is immersed in the creation of a psychological thriller titled "Muzzle the Black Dog" and crafting a sequel to "The Devil You Knew," promising readers further immersion into his intricately crafted worlds.

Splitting his time between Atlanta and Blue Ridge, Georgia, Cobb draws inspiration from the diverse landscapes and rich tapestry of Southern culture. His ability to blend historical fact with fictional narratives has earned him a dedicated following, and his upcoming radio appearance is poised to further solidify his status as a literary force in the Georgia community.

Listeners eager to delve into the mind of this esteemed author can tune in to Georgia Radio for an exclusive glimpse into Mike Cobb's creative process, influences, and future literary endeavors.




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