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Behind the Pages: A Conversation with Best Selling Author Chris Weatherman on "Exploring Home"

Updated: Jan 9

GEORGIA RADIO - In an exciting development for listeners, Chris Weatherman, also known by his pen name Angery American, is set to talk with Matt Jolley on Georgia Radio this Tuesday, January 9th, at 3 pm / 5pm ET. The celebrated author will be in conversation with Matt Jolley, delving into the intricacies of his latest release, the twelfth installment in the gripping Survivalist Series™, titled "Exploring Home."

"Exploring Home" has quickly become a sensation, making its mark across various platforms. The audiobook, featuring narration by Duke Fontaine, surged to #124 in Audible Books & Originals on release day. Notably, it secured top positions in Best Sellers, dominating categories such as Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction, Military Science Fiction, and Dystopian Fiction.

Podium Audio's Publisher, Victoria Gerken, expressed her excitement about the release, stating, "It’s been a privilege to bring the Survivalist books to fans over the years, and I know that Exploring Home and Duke Fontaine’s performance of the adventure will continue to thrill long-term fans."

The Kindle version of the novel also made waves in the Best Sellers list, claiming positions in Dystopian Science Fiction and Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction across both the Kindle Store and Books categories. Additionally, the book secured a notable spot in the overall Kindle Store's Top 100. Chris Weatherman, with an impressive portfolio of twenty-three published works, has not only left a lasting impact on the dystopian fiction genre but has also gained recognition for his survival skills showcased on the History Channel's Alone series. His Survivalist Series has achieved remarkable success, with over a million copies sold globally.

Beyond his literary accomplishments, Weatherman is known for his commitment to the prepper community. He actively participates in expos and events dedicated to survivalism, connecting with readers, signing books, and delivering inspirational talks. Drawing from his two-decade career in the power industry, Weatherman brings a unique perspective to his writing, incorporating hands-on experience in building power plants and performing line work for power companies.



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