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Fairbanks Company's Michael Brown Revives "The Goatman" Chess McCartney's Wagon

GEORGIA RADIO - In an exciting blend of history and craftsmanship, Michael Brown from the Fairbanks Company in Rome, Georgia, is spearheading an ambitious project to recreate "The Goatman" Chess McCartney's iconic wagon. This historical endeavor aims to pay tribute to a beloved local legend whose memory continues to captivate the hearts of Georgians.

Michael Brown and his dedicated team are undertaking this project with the assistance of local students, striving to produce a museum-quality replica of the wagon that McCartney, famously known as "The Goatman," was most frequently photographed in. Notably, the original wagon was crafted by the Fairbanks Company itself, adding a layer of historical significance and personal connection to the recreation efforts.

Chess McCartney, a fixture of American folklore, became a legendary figure throughout the mid-20th century as he traveled the country with his herd of goats, spreading tales and captivating audiences. His rustic, goat-drawn wagon became a symbol of his wandering spirit and unique lifestyle, leaving an indelible mark on those who encountered him.

The revival of McCartney's wagon is not just a mechanical reconstruction; it is a journey into the past, preserving the essence of an era and the spirit of a man who embraced simplicity and adventure. The project serves as an educational platform, engaging local students in the meticulous process of historical restoration, thereby fostering a deeper appreciation for craftsmanship and regional history.

Michael Brown will join Matt Jolley on for an in-depth discussion about what it takes to bring this Georgia icon back to life. During the interview, listeners can expect to hear about the intricate details involved in the wagon's reconstruction, the historical research underpinning the project, and the collaborative efforts between Fairbanks Company and the students.

Take a listen to this fascinating conversation and discover how the legacy of "The Goatman" Chess McCartney is being meticulously revived by a community passionate about preserving its history.



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