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Georgia Author Heidi Alert to Discuss New Book "Win We Shall" on Georgia Radio

GEORGIA RADIO - We're continuing our series on local Georgia Authors! Last week we heard from the Executive Director of the Atlanta Writers Club, author George Weinstein, and this week we begin our series with another special interview - Heidi Alert. Heidi is a prominent Georgia author, business executive, outdoor enthusiast, and advocate for community empowerment.

Alert will joins host Matt Jolley to discuss her latest book, "Win We Shall," which is now available for pre-order on her website,

Known for her dynamic blend of entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to uplifting others, Heidi Alert brings a unique perspective to her writing and life endeavors. Whether she's in the boardroom strategizing or traversing mountain trails, Alert's passion for discovery and adventure shines through.

"I love discovering," Alert shares. "My entrepreneurial heart and spirit thrive on building something new – be it teams, products, markets, or stories." Beyond her professional endeavors, Alert is deeply committed to empowering underserved communities, a value instilled in her regardless of where she has lived or worked. She emphasizes the importance of developing and uplifting those around her, rooted in unwavering values and a desire for transformation.

"Developing and empowering people, especially underserved communities, is a big deal," says Alert. "I am wholeheartedly committed to building up those around me in both big and small ways." With a background in technology and a passion for making it accessible and usable, Alert brings a unique perspective to her writing and advocacy. She believes in the power of transformation and the importance of joy, hope, and gratitude in navigating life's challenges. "I am an eternal optimist who will always see and seek solutions and possibilities," she adds. "Having a heart full of joy, hope, and thankfulness is not something to be underestimated."

Listeners are encouraged to tune in to Georgia Radio today at 4:30pm ET for Heidi Alert's interview with Matt Jolley. Following the broadcast, the podcast will be available for download, providing an opportunity for audiences to delve deeper into Alert's insights and share them with friends and family.

Don't miss the chance to hear from Heidi Alert about her new book, "Win We Shall," and gain inspiration from her journey of discovery, empowerment, and joy. Tune in to and support local talent and storytelling.




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