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Georgia Author - Jon H. Costales

GEORGIA RADIO - We're continuing our series highlighting the talented authors of Georgia with a feature on Jon H. Costales. Known for his captivating science fiction and fantasy stories, Jon has built a dedicated following with his series, The Adventures of Bove Sandle. With the first two books already enchanting readers, the eagerly awaited third installment is set for release in 2024.

Jon H. Costales lives in a suburb of Atlanta with his wife and a charming collection of pets, including cats, a dog, and a turtle. His involvement with the Atlanta Writers Club underscores his commitment to the local literary community, where he frequently engages with fellow writers and participates in events to foster literary growth.

The Adventures of Bove Sandle series follows the thrilling journey of Bove Sandle, a starship pilot plagued by visions from the inhabitants of Kryth, the last planet to be colonized. These visions compel Bove to halt the colonization, a task he finds himself unable to complete, leading to dire consequences. This gripping narrative explores themes of destiny, duty, and the unforeseen costs of interplanetary expansion.

Jon's imaginative storytelling and rich, intricate world-building have made his series a must-read for fans of the genre. As anticipation builds for the final book in the trilogy, readers can revisit the first two installments or discover them for the first time through the Quick Link provided below.

Stay tuned to for more conversations with the creative minds shaping Georgia’s literary landscape. Don’t miss the chance to delve into the enthralling universe crafted by Jon H. Costales. For more information on local authors and upcoming features, keep it tuned to!



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