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Georgia Radio Celebrates Local Authors for Summer Reading: Spotlight on Deidre deLaughter

GEORGIA RADIO - As we kick off the summer reading season, Georgia Radio is thrilled to continue our celebration of local authors. Today, we shine the spotlight on Deidre deLaughter, a remarkable writer whose novels explore deep and personal themes with a Southern touch. Deidre deLaughter's journey into writing began with a transformative conversation with her friend, Terry Kay. This pivotal moment came after Deidre’s ex-husband was arrested on state and federal charges, and she discovered he was a sexual predator. Kay suggested she channel her experience into writing, which led to the creation of her debut novel, Reawakening Rebekah: The Gift of the CLAMOR Girls. Although the story is fiction, it draws heavily from the grim reality Deidre faced, offering readers a poignant and gripping narrative.

In 2020, Deidre completed the first draft of her second novel, A Rose in Little Five Points. This story is set in Atlanta's iconic Little Five Points neighborhood, spanning from the mid-1970s to the 1990s. The novel follows protagonist Meredith Fields as she navigates the crumbling foundations of her life. Through heartaches and self-doubt, Meredith's evolution into a more authentic self is greatly influenced by her relationship with Magda, her crotchety elderly neighbor. The symbolic gift of a rose bush from Magda plays a crucial role in Meredith's journey, despite her initial struggles to even keep an aloe plant alive.

Deidre is not only a talented writer but also a proud mother of three grown daughters and a grandmother to one grandchild and seven four-legged companions. Her stories, deeply rooted in personal experiences and enriched by her Southern heritage, offer readers both entertainment and profound life lessons.

To hear more about Deidre deLaughter’s powerful story and insights into her writing, click the link in this article to listen to our full podcast interview.

Stay tuned to Georgia Radio for more features on local authors and their contributions to our vibrant literary landscape. Happy summer reading!



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