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Georgia Radio Spotlights Local Author Shannon Singleton's Mission for Diverse Representation in Children's Literature

GEORGIA RADIO - In a celebration of local Georgia authors, Shannon Singleton, an accomplished program/project manager, writer, and mother, takes to the airwaves of Georgia Radio. Singleton's journey from childhood reader to published author is not just about storytelling; it's about championing diversity in children's literature.

Singleton's awakening to the lack of representation in books began early in her life. As a young African American girl, she found herself unable to identify with the characters she encountered in the pages of her favorite stories. Decades later, when her sons Jaylen and Ty voiced similar frustrations, Singleton knew it was time to act.

"I realized early on that most books I read didn't reflect my image or who I was as a person," Singleton shared during her radio appearance. "When Jaylen and Ty echoed those sentiments, it hit home for me. I saw a need for more books featuring non-stereotypical African American protagonists."

With a determination to be the change she wished to see, Singleton embarked on a remarkable journey of writing. Her debut series, "Jaylen & Ty’s Adventures: Based on True Stories," aims to fill the void she identified in children's literature. The series, comprising 15 books, follows the escapades of Jaylen and Ty as they navigate life's challenges with resilience and joy.

The first installment of the series, "Quit Following Me!," recently hit the shelves, captivating readers with its relatable characters and engaging narratives. And as anticipation mounts, Singleton's next book, "Tickle Me Mommy!," is slated for release on May 7th, promising more heartwarming tales of family and love.

"I want children to see themselves reflected in the stories they read," Singleton emphasized. "It's about fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment."

Singleton, who resides in Georgia with her sons Jaylen and Ty, as well as her mother, Linda, is not only a writer but also a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion in literature. Her mission has garnered widespread acclaim, earning her a devoted following of readers eager to embark on Jaylen and Ty's adventures.

As Georgia Radio shines a spotlight on local talent, Shannon Singleton's message resounds loud and clear: representation matters, and every child deserves to see themselves as the hero of their own story.



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