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Mark Johnson, Lowell Resident and Republican Candidate, Shares Vision for Carroll County's District 5 Commissioner Seat

GEORGIA RADIO - Local elections are going on all across the Peach State, but one man, who's not on social media, or backed by big money is running in Carroll County. He recently spoke to a group of young farmers, and it was there our own Matt Jolley heard him speak. "I was really curious how someone could run a campaign in 2024 and not be personally active on social media. So I reached out and asked him." Said Jolley. Mark Johnson quickly answered back (via telephone), and said his campaign strategy is meeting people in person.

In the digital age, Mark Johnson is trying to run his campaign the old fashioned way-- door to door, handshake to handshake. As for his online stuff, his daughter is handling that. He's a resident of the Lowell community, is stepping into the spotlight to share his vision for the county's future. Johnson, deeply rooted in West Georgia, discussed his candidacy on Georgia Radio with host Matt Jolley, highlighting his commitment to preserving the county's charm and safeguarding it against over-development.

A descendant of a long-standing family in the Roopville, Lowell, and Whitesburg area, Johnson's ties to Carroll County trace back to 1830. His family's legacy includes the establishment of three churches, several local businesses, and service with the historic Carroll Rangers, underscoring his deep connection to the community's heritage and values.

Despite spending his formative years on his grandparents' farm in Lowell, Johnson's appreciation for Carrollton's pristine environment and close-knit community drew him back after six years away. His decision to purchase and preserve his family's farm reflects his dedication to conserving the county's rural character for future generations.

Married to his wife, Natalie, for 37 years, Johnson is a proud father of three children and grandfather to eight grandchildren. His commitment to Carroll County extends beyond his own family, driven by a desire to ensure that future generations can relish the same quality of life and sense of belonging that he experienced growing up.

Johnson articulates his vision for responsible development that respects Carroll County's natural beauty and cherished traditions. "The wheel of progress won’t stop," Johnson emphasizes, "but it should be steered in a direction that retains what makes it beautiful."

As voters prepare to cast their ballots this May, Johnson presents himself as a steadfast advocate for the community's values and aspirations. With a pledge to protect Carroll County's unique identity and heritage, he positions himself as a candidate ready to lead with integrity and foresight.



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