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Matt Jolley's Classic Country & Request!

GEORGIA RADIO - Matt Jolley's Classic Country & Request Show on has become a weekly staple, captivating audiences with its live broadcasts every Monday evening from 7-9 pm ET. The show, which airs on, is a tribute to timeless classics and offers listeners a unique opportunity to engage with the program. What sets it apart is its interactive nature, allowing fans to submit requests and dedications for their favorite classic country tunes.

Listeners can connect with Matt Jolley by emailing their song requests and dedications to, creating a personalized and engaging experience for the audience. The show's commitment to interactivity has quickly turned it into a community-driven musical journey. What's more, for those who can't tune in during the live broadcast on Mondays, the show offers two additional chances to catch the same excitement. Repeats air on Wednesday and Friday evenings from 7-9 pm ET, allowing fans to enjoy the carefully curated playlist at their convenience.

To make it even more accessible, the show is available for streaming online at Additionally, tech-savvy listeners can use the My Georgia Radio listening app, available for both iPhone and Android devices, ensuring that fans can enjoy the Classic Country & Request Show anytime, anywhere.

Matt Jolley's show has garnered praise for its commitment to preserving the rich heritage of classic country music while embracing modern technology to reach a wider audience. As the show continues to gain popularity, it's clear that the Classic Country & Request Show on is leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of country music lovers across Georgia.



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