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SPECIAL BROADCAST - Author & Atlanta Writers Club Executive Direct - George Weinstein!

GEORGIA RADIO - George Weinstein, the esteemed Executive Director of the Atlanta Writers Club, stepped into the limelight on Georgia Radio for a special broadcast with Matt Jolley. This special segment illuminated Weinstein's illustrious journey in fostering literary talent and his own contributions to the world of literature.

Weinstein's tenure at the helm of the historic Atlanta Writers Club, which has stood as a beacon for literary enthusiasts since its inception in 1914, resonates with a legacy of nurturing aspiring writers. With unwavering dedication, he has shepherded countless wordsmiths on their quest for publication, leveraging the platform of the club and orchestrating the biannual Atlanta Writers Conference for the past 16 years.

However, Weinstein's impact transcends the administrative realm, as he wields the pen with finesse, crafting a diverse array of novels that have captured the hearts and minds of readers. Among his repertoire lies the cherished Southern historical saga, "Hardscrabble Road," and its sequel, "Return to Hardscrabble Road," evoking the essence of the South with poignant narrative strokes. Venturing further into the annals of forgotten history, Weinstein unveiled "The Five Destinies of Carlos Moreno," unraveling the enigmatic layers of the past.

Yet, Weinstein's literary canvas extends beyond historical realms, delving into the intricacies of domestic drama with "The Caretaker" and unraveling mysteries with "Aftermath" and "Watch What You Say." Not content with confining himself to a single genre, he has even ventured into the realms of satire with "Offlining," a whimsical romp through the corridors of science fiction.

In a delightful convergence of literary talents, Weinstein shares his journey with his equally accomplished spouse, author Kim Conrey. Together, they grace multiple book signings and speaking engagements, enriching the literary landscape with their collective wisdom and passion for storytelling.

Catch Weinstein's insights, his passion for nurturing literary talent, and his own remarkable journey as an author. For those eager to delve deeper into Weinstein's literary universe, a quick visit to offers a gateway to a world brimming with captivating narratives and timeless tales.



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