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The 2023 Carrollton Arts Festival October 14th-15th!

For two decades, the Arts Festival of Carrollton has been a cultural oasis in West Georgia, bringing together a vibrant tapestry of local and national fine artists and crafters. This year, the festival promises to be bigger and better than ever, with over 70 talented artists showcasing their works and a plethora of exciting demonstrations and activities to engage art enthusiasts of all ages. As we explore the highlights of this extraordinary event, you'll discover the diverse range of artistic expressions, entertainment, and culinary delights that await you at this free and family-friendly festival.

Artistic Demonstrations

One of the standout features of the Arts Festival of Carrollton is the array of artistic demonstrations happening throughout the weekend. These activities provide a unique opportunity to witness artists at work and even try your hand at some creative techniques. Here's a list of some of the demonstrations you can expect to enjoy:

  1. UWG Printmaking

  2. Neva Lomason Library and Book Mobile

  3. UWG Stop Motion Drawing Activity

  4. UWG Art Education Kids Activity

  5. Community Weaving Project

  6. Glassblowing Demonstration

  7. Mask Making with Alan Kuykendall

  8. Chainsaw Artist Demonstration with Chris Lantz

  9. The Great Wipe-Away Mural Window Chalk Activity

  10. Free Face Painting

  11. Ferst Readers

These interactive activities offer an excellent opportunity for children and adults alike to learn and engage with various art forms and techniques.

Delicious Food Vendors

Art appreciation can work up quite an appetite, and the festival has you covered with an assortment of food vendors. From savory dishes to delectable desserts, there's something for everyone. Check out the list of food vendors that will be present at the festival:

Saturday, October 14

  • Butter'dudder

  • Mr. Banh Mi

  • Cousins Maine Lobster

Sunday, October 15

  • Mad Greek

  • Butter'dudder

  • Mr. Banh Mi

  • Pizza 360

  • Southern Local Nuts

Artists Showcasing Their Creations

The heart of the Arts Festival lies in the works of the talented artists who bring their unique visions to life. These artists span various mediums, including clay, fiber, glass, jewelry, metal, mixed media, painting, photography, sculpture, and wood. Here's a list of some of the featured artists:

  • Clay: Feliciano Abaurre, Clayton Brandenburg, Boyce Colmant, Wendy Converse, Marise Fransolino, Lee Laney / Leonard McEwen, Ken Lockhart, Deborah Lyle / Cassie Lyle, Don McWhorter, Mike Williamson.

  • Fiber: Robert Ballard, Brinda M Cockburn, Heather Cohen, Beverly Dittmer, Tonia Mitchell, Robert Thompson.

  • Glass: Janet Borchardt, Dana Helton, Parry Moss / Lisa Larsen-Moss.

  • Jewelry: Obayana Ajanaku, Lisa Chile, Debra Cobia, Taryn Cuper, Stacy Deline, Lina De Lorenci Johnson, Aimee Lurey, Terran McCanna, Jim Norton, Charles Pinckney, Elizabeth Seidel, Erika Simon, Regina To.

  • Metal: Scott Hornbaker, Joel Johnston.

  • Mixed Media: Sally Austin, Linda Coulter, Ken Eaton, Lee Laney / Leonard McEwen, Penny Lewis, Kathy Sheldon.

  • Painting: Mary Daum, Candace Fincher, Michael Ford, Patrice Gates, Ted Head, Lisa Kirk, Kimberly Klock, Manami Lingerfelt, Nathan Miller, Laura Smith, Mary Spoon, Leah Weber.

  • Photography: C.W. Banfield, Susan Callaway, Allison Dailey, Jeffery Dailey, George Hernandez, Royal Miree, Danny Ramey, Bob Senesac.

  • Sculpture: Remon Bebawy, Linda Bobinger, Gordon Chandler, Susan Clayton, Erin Harris, Greg Johnson, Annabelle Neville, Barbara Odil.

  • Wood: William Dorrell, Magali Cereghino-Groves, Edward Heerten / Patricia Heerten, Joey Mayberry, Jay Swanson.

Live Entertainment Schedule

The Arts Festival of Carrollton wouldn't be complete without live music, performances, and entertainment for all to enjoy. Here's the schedule for the artists taking the stage:

Saturday, October 14

  • 10 am: Arts Festival Parade

  • 11 am: Mayhayley's Grave, Carrollton Academy of Dance

  • 12 pm: Youth Chorus, Lamar Mcburnett, West Georgia Dance

  • 1 pm: Tuba or Not Tuba, Martin & Scott, Carrollton Ballet

  • 2 pm: Victor Beasley, Youth Strings

  • 3 pm: The Powers Trio

  • 4 pm: Pickled Holler

  • 7 pm: Carrollton Jazz Orchestra at the Amp

Sunday, October 15

  • 12 pm: Justin Tyme, Pippin Music Academy Band

  • 1 pm: Noteworthy, Joe Johnson

  • 2 pm: Evan Crowther, Caleb Walton

  • 3 pm: Sweet & Salty

  • 4 pm: Adamson Avenue

The 20th Annual Arts Festival of Carrollton is a celebration of art, culture, and community. With its diverse lineup of artists, engaging demonstrations, delicious food vendors, and live entertainment, it's an event that promises something for everyone. Whether you're an art enthusiast, a family looking for a fun weekend outing, or someone simply seeking to immerse themselves in the vibrant creative scene of Carrollton, this festival is a must-visit. And the best part? It's all free! So mark your calendars for October 14th and 15th, and get ready to be inspired by the beauty of artistic expression in West Georgia.

***On Sunday, Georgia Radio's own Matt Jolley will be onsite with the Carrollton Writers Guild. You can purchase a copy of his book onsite!***



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