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The Georgia Deer Management Assistance Program Supervisor Charlie Killmaster!

GEORGIA RADIO - Georgia State Deer Biologist and Supervisor of the Georgia Deer Management Assistance Program (DMAP), Charlie Killmaster, joined host Matt Jolley to delve into the benefits of DMAP for landowners and hunters. The discussion highlighted how DMAP, a program widely implemented across southeastern states, offers a scientifically grounded, flexible approach to deer management on private lands.

Killmaster explained that DMAP provides a tailored solution to site-specific deer management issues by enabling data collection and analysis at the individual property level. This method allows for more nuanced management strategies that are responsive to the unique needs of each property, as opposed to a one-size-fits-all approach. One of the key advantages of DMAP, according to Killmaster, is its ability to balance simplified hunting regulations across large geographic areas while addressing the desires of hunters, such as reduced doe bag limits.

This strategy ensures that properties with casual management practices are safeguarded against over-harvest, while those with more intensive management needs can benefit from science-based flexibility. "DMAP offers landowners and hunters a valuable tool for managing deer populations effectively and sustainably," Killmaster told Jolley. "By tailoring management practices to specific properties, we can ensure healthier deer populations and better hunting experiences."

Killmaster's appearance on shed light on the critical role of DMAP in contemporary wildlife management, emphasizing its importance in promoting sustainable hunting and conservation practices across Georgia and beyond.



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