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The Malpass Brothers New Album!

GEORGIA RADIO - I'm not a music critic, but when you're in your workshop installing a new radiator on your tractor, and you put down your tools and listen to an entire album unintentionally, that's saying something. Lonely Street is available now wherever you buy your music, but I know the Malpass Brothers would love it if you purchased it directly from them, they'll even sign the CD or LP and mail it to you personally.

That's what I love about Christopher and Taylor Malpass, they're keeping the old school open, and breathing new life into tra

ditional country music. I caught up with Christopher on Neighbor to Neighbor and loved every minute of our conversation. Here's a link to the show if you missed it.


What a guy! What an album! I really hope you support them and download a copy for yourself. It's one I know you'll be proud to have in your playlist.

~Matt Jolley



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