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The Oak Ridge Boys American Made Christmas Farewell Tour Hits Georgia Mountain Fairgrounds!

GEORGIA RADIO - In a holiday spectacle set to enchant country music lovers, The Oak Ridge Boys are bringing their American Made Christmas Farewell Tour to the Georgia Mountain Fairgrounds on December 2nd according to a recent news release. The iconic quartet, known for their harmonious blend of country and gospel, is bidding farewell to their fans with a special Christmas-themed tour.

Adding to the excitement, the opening act for the evening is none other than Cameron Wrinkle, a talented 5th generation musician hailing from Tuscola, Texas. Despite his Texas roots, Cameron has taken his musical journey beyond the Lone Star State and is now making waves as an independent artist. He splits his time between the vibrant music scene of Nashville and touring across the United States, bringing a unique blend of old-school 80s country with a touch of West Texas cowboy attitude.

Cameron's musical style reflects a deep appreciation for the roots of country music, channeling the spirit of 80s legends while infusing his own West Texas flair. The combination promises an unforgettable evening for fans of the classic country genre.

The concert, set to take place this Saturday, is expected to draw music enthusiasts from far and wide.

The organizers emphasize the importance of purchasing tickets exclusively through their official website, warning attendees to be cautious of third-party resellers. The Georgia Mountain Fairgrounds is committed to ensuring a seamless and secure ticket-buying experience for all patrons.

Get ready for a Christmas-themed farewell celebration with the Oak Ridge Boys and the captivating sounds of Cameron Wrinkle at the Georgia Mountain Fairgrounds. This musical extravaganza promises to be a fitting send-off for the legendary Oak Ridge Boys, accompanied by the rising star, Cameron Wrinkle, making it a night to remember for country music enthusiasts.

Tickets for this not-to-be-missed event are priced at $50+, plus handling fees. To secure your spot for this memorable night, purchase tickets directly through the Georgia Mountain Fairgrounds website via the quick link below.

[Image from Oak Ridge Boys Social Media Page]



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