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Turning a New Page: Perry Page Turners Book Festival Promises a Literary Extravaganza

GEORGIA RADIO - In a celebration of literacy and the joy of reading, Perry Page Turners, Inc., a Georgia based non-profit organization, proudly presents the inaugural "Turning a New Page" Book Festival. The event, sponsored by Perry Page Turners, Inc., will take place at the First Baptist Church of Perry on Main Street, Perry, GA, on January 27, 2024, from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. "Turning a New Page" Book Festival aims to be an exciting in-person gathering for book lovers, offering an immersive experience of reading and discovery. The festival invites attendees to explore new authors, dive into different genres, and gain fresh perspectives on literature.

With a focus on both inspirational fiction and nonfiction, as well as "clean reads," the festival boasts over 40 acclaimed authors in attendance, along with three captivating keynote speakers. The event promises to be reader-centric, providing ample opportunities for book enthusiasts to engage with their favorite writers. The festival will feature 13 breakout sessions covering various literary themes, ensuring a diverse and enriching experience for attendees. From discussions on writing styles to exploration of genres, the breakout sessions will cater to a wide range of interests.

Organizers are anticipating an enthusiastic audience of 300 or more, creating a vibrant atmosphere of literary celebration and community engagement. The First Baptist Church venue on Main Street in Perry, GA, is set to transform into a haven for book lovers, fostering connections between readers and writers alike. While admission to the festival is free, participants are encouraged to register online and consider making a donation to support the continuation of this literary extravaganza. The funds raised will contribute to future events and initiatives organized by Perry Page Turners, Inc.

The festival website,, provides a comprehensive guide to the event, featuring details about the participating authors, panel discussions, and the recommended reading list. Attendees can plan their day, ensuring they don't miss any of the exciting sessions or opportunities to interact with their favorite writers.

"Turning a New Page" Book Festival invites everyone to join in the fun and celebration of literature. Whether you're a seasoned bookworm or a casual reader, this event promises to be a memorable experience, fostering a love for books and storytelling within the Perry community.



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