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UPDATE on Brother Wade Peebles

GEORGIA RADIO - If you're a fan of the Georgia Folk & Farm Life Radio Show, then you know that Brother Wade has been off the air the last few weeks with a throat condition. Here's the latest from Wade himself:

"Most of you know that for the last four months, I have had a problem with pain in my throat as well as chronic hoarseness of my voice. I have had several tests and been seen by several doctors. The problems I was having stemmed from a bone spur on a neck vertebra causing an artery to be twisted, looped around and pressing on my trachea and larynx.

The thoracic surgeon I saw, wanted me to see cardio-thoracic surgeon, Dr. Robert Jones (photo is of Dr. Jones) at St. Joseph's in Savannah, which I did yesterday. Dr. Jones explained to me the various aspects of the condition using models of the heart, sternum and related blood vessels in that area.

Now, let me say this, the problems speaking and hoarseness has mostly resolved itself in the last two weeks, but the recurrent pain when I swallow, cough or speak has remained, but it is sporadic. Dr. Jones was so patient and kind, and after my visit with him, I was greatly encouraged, and impressed with his manner and willingness to take the time to really talk and answer questions.

I asked him if this condition placed me at a great risk for a stroke or fatal hemorrhage, and he said no, it did not. So, for now, the plan is to get another CT Scan, to include my heart and that area, to allow him to see the condition of the blood vessels that carry blood into and out of my heart. The previous scans had not focused on that lower area. I will get that done soon, and unless my condition changes, or that scan indicates otherwise, we will monitor it and wait.

P.S., I hope to resume doing my Georgia Folk & Farm Life Radio Show on Georgia Radio soon. ~Wade"

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