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C.W. Smith - Veteran, Firefighter, Georgia Singer-songwriter

If anyone's tracking weird statistics, what percentage of kids, whose parents own karaoke clubs grow up to be singers? We know of at least one, and his name is C.W. Smith from Cartersville, Georgia. C.W. joined Matt Jolley recently on Neighbor To Neighbor and shared some background on his life and his journey into music.

After a stint in the US Army, C.W. pursued a career as a professional firefighter to pay the bills, but music was always in his heart. Now, C.W. is doing his best to make music his full time job. Growing up around his parent's karaoke club, C.W. learned how to croon to a crowd, and quickly learned how to keep them entertained. All of his time spent singing hits, also gave him an ear for songwriting.

His latest single "Get Her Off Of Mine" is a great example of his songwriting ability, but also his chops as a performer. You can check out his songs wherever you download your music. He's also playing lots of live shows across the USA, and here at home in Georgia.

For a complete list of his shows, follow C.W. Smith on Facebook & Instagram as well as your other favorite social media sites.

Here's link to C.W. Smith's full interview on Georgia Radio. Please consider sharing it with a friend, and help us spread the word about traditional country music artists in Georgia.

NOTE: Georgia Radio is committed to supporting emerging Georgia singer-songwriters. If you know one, please reach out so we can hear them.

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