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Meet Cole Goodwin!

GEORGIA RADIO - I had the craziest experience this week listening to a song someone shared on social media. When it started playing, I kept asking myself "who sings this song....I think I just heard this on the Opry???" I even sent the track to a friend and asked "who else sings this?" We both had a similar experience, and about the same time came to the conclusion it's Cole Goodwin, a 22 year old recent college graduate from Pooler, Georgia (he was actually the guy playing on the video). He plays around South Georgia, and just released his debut EP "Soon Enough," and it's an outstanding album...especially for a debut.

Recorded at Jason Bible's Silver Buffalo Sound outside Savannah, Georgia, the album doesn't sound like a first work, it's truly terrific, and a throwback to the old story albums of country's past. I loved the whole thing, but Cole's story is equally great. His mother used to sing in a gospel group, so music runs in his family. In fact, if you listen to the intro on the album, that's mom's group The Green Sisters singing Consider The Lily's. His younger twin sisters also help him, one of them runs his marketing, but he says they both help keep him on track. Cole's been a hard working kid for a long time, some of the inspiration for his music came from working at his Uncle's Country Store (PoJo's) while doing his best to swing the hammer, and make it as a professional musician.

A fresh graduate with a degree in Marketing, he's in that strange place between school, and his first real job. He's headed to Nashville for a few days, and no doubt has lots of decisions about which road to take home. Music like this doesn't just happen, it's special, it comes from a God given talent. I'm really looking forward to seeing where his career takes him. Aside from the music, several listeners have written in and said "he's not just a great musician, he's a great young man." That also doesn't happen much in this business, but after spending a few minutes with him for the broadcast special we recorded, I'd agree.

Take a listen to "Soon Enough" by clicking the link below, and help this young man out by buying his album. I'm hoping we all say "we remember him when." Maybe that moment will be when he actually is singing "Picking You Up" or "White Rose" on the Opry. Good luck in Nashville Cole, and enjoy the long road home.

~Matt Jolley

Georgia Radio

Note: Georgia Radio is committed to supporting emerging Georgia singer-songwriters. If you know one, please reach out so we can hear them.



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